A good understanding about your customers will allow us to create an intuative interactive web experience for the intended users, thus allowing you to communicate your business in a clear, concise and informative manner. So we start off by simply performing an extensive research into your customers, your field of business and your competitors.

At Of Craft and Conquer, we don’t only just have designers and programmers, we also have business consultants, seasoned with years of working within big companies, ready to lend a hand.



Design is important to us. We are old-fashioned and prefer to start with pen and paper instead. First we draft the general layout and then test out colour schemes. Once we are happy with them, we move onto computer aided software to allows us to create a more defined and definitive design. We are very particular about design so we even test out typography and colour psychology for you.

We welcome you to challenge our decision at anytime.



A fluid interface design grabs the users attention, but a fluid user experience brings them back. We aim to create an intuative interactive experience for each and every web project.

Clean code, good website structure, clear navigation and concise information presentation are just a few aspects that we look into when developing a website.

We take great care into ensuring the website work as fast as possible, so effective coding and optimising images are the top on our list.



Ensuring that your website runs without a fault is our upmost priority so after the development stage, we run an extensive testing phase to check every aspect of the website.

If you are running an ecommerce,  we will test out the transaction process to make sure that the payment is transferred correctly to you and the purchaser is invoiced as intended.

Should you require a large pool of website testers, we can certainly take care of it for you.